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A clean, spacious indoor boarding area is available for your pet's boarding needs. When your pet stays with us, he or she will rest in a spacious, temperature-controlled environment.  Dogs are taken outside multiple times a day and can enjoy our beautiful grass which stays green 365 days a year. Our feline guests have their own boarding area and receive individual accommodations in our Kitty Condos. All pet guests are fed one to two times a day, based on his or her schedule. Additional boarding services include one-on-one playtime and extra exercise for dogs (Pamper and Play) and one-on-one playtime and brushing for cats (Cuddle and Play).  Pets staying with us can also take advantage of our grooming services. Please call for pricing information.

Required Vaccines

Must Meet All Vaccinations and Parasite Test Requirements. No Exceptions.

  • Owners must provide proof of vaccines for your pet to board. Having this information available at, or prior to the check-in, will decrease your check-in time. Should you forget your proof of vaccines, we will re-vaccinate your pet.
  • DOGS - DA2PP, Rabies, 6-month Bordetella (Intranasal), Annual Injectable Bordetella
  • DOGS - A negative fecal test every 6 months (This must include testing for giardia)
  • CATS - FVRCP, Rabies
  • We required written proof of all vaccines from a licensed veterinarian.
  • We recommend your pet be vaccinated one week prior to their entry to our boarding facility. Remember vaccinations prevent disease.

Medication, Feeding, and Special Care

We provide Royal Canin GI Low Fat food to our boarders along with fresh water. Some pets refuse to eat while boarding. When this happens, we will offer your pet low residue canned food. With this in mind, a change on diet added with the stress of being away from home will sometimes cause diarrhea. Owners are welcome to bring their own food.

Medications will be dispensed as needed for an additional charge.  All medication should be labeled with your pet's name and entered onboarding admission forms.

Bedding and Toys

You are welcome to bring small blankets, sheets, fleece squares, or towels for your pet's bedding, or we will be happy to provide bedding for your pet. Please understand that while your pet may NEVER soil his bedding at home, sometimes in a boarding situation he/she may feel the need to mark.  For this reason, we request any bedding material brought from home be labeled with your name and must fit in a conventional washing machine.  Due to sanitation procedures, we cannot accept large stuffed beds, large quilts, sleeping bags, etc. Exceptions to this rule will be made for arthritic pets, pets recovering from surgical procedures, or highly stressed pets.

 We suggest you bring a couple of toys for your pet during his visit. All toys must be labeled with the owner's name. If you forget to bring toys, DO NOT PANIC! We have lots of toys for your pet's enjoyment. Animal Medical Clinic does its absolute best to safeguard your pet's belongings, but CANNOT guarantee them from destruction or loss. To this note, please do not bring your pet's prized toy or expensive bedding as some pets may chew their bedding out of boredom. We will not accept any financial responsibility for the loss or destruction of your pet's property.

Pamper and Play or Cuddle and Play

Our Pamper and Play or Cuddle and Play Program offer your pet extra special attention during their stay. For an added fee, we will spend time doing what your pet enjoys the most. This may include playing fetch, going for an extra walk, being brushed and petted, or playing with toys. At the owner's discretion, dogs can be involved in play groups where they can socialize with other dogs of similar temperament.

Yappy Hour

Each afternoon, for a small additional charge, your canine friend can participate in our Yappy Hour. They will be given a special, home-made treat that has been frozen into a ball to enjoy.  It is refreshing and keeps your dog entertained for over an hour.  This can be added onto boarding or day camp.

Pet Suites

Pamper your pet while you play. Our larger luxury suites (6ft by 6ft) include comfortable beds with handmade quilts and television. Get the "Sweet Suites" package and your pet will enjoy the benefits of doggie daycare, yappy hour, and pamper and play! Hurry our suites book up fast!

Extra Services

While your pet is staying at Animal Medical Clinic, we offer a variety of in-house services for pet boarders:

  • Sunday Pick-up from 4:30p.m. to 5:30p.m. 
  • Grooming/Nail Trims
  • Physical Exam by a Veterinarian
  • Annual Vaccinations
  • Fecal Parasite/Giardia Screening (Internal Parasite)
  • Heartworm test and refills of Heartworm preventative
  • Dental Cleaning

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Clinic Hours

Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m - 7:00 p.m
Saturday 8:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m
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